Let Me Get Naked for You

The inebriatedcorpse and batemansbabygirl were fake accounts made by a guy using my pictures. Please get the word out that it wasn't me ]:

Anonymous asked: I am so confused. I've been following you since the blog was called naughtysasha and it was mostly an incest blog. So that blog and the rest weren't you? Did you ever fuck with a guy on here called the ghost of mister rogers? You were supposed to be his girl and you submitted pics and everything. What's weird is that he asked you to do specific things in the pics and you did and sent it to him on submit. Something isn't adding up here.

The ghost of mister roger WAS the guy posting as me. That’s why he knew what specific things to ask me to do. None of the previous blogs were me. I am 100% not into incest.